Forget lullabies and pacifiers. The best way to calm down your screaming and crying baby, according to YouTube user berge95, is to play a song from rapper Notorious B.I.G.

In a video that has gone viral, an irritated baby Rachel is shown crying and screaming before her father, Dave, plays Biggie's Hypnotize.

As soon as her dad pushes play, the baby is instantly calmed down. When he stops the music, it's like crying musical chairs: Baby Rachel wails again.

O.K. Biggie is coming back, the father said in the video. Once the Biggie beat resumes, baby Rachel stops crying again.

It was our first experience having a newborn, Dave told the Daily Mail. So when she was crying, we would do anything - make funny faces, play music, anything. We tried rock, rap, reggae, jazz and blues.

According to Dave, his baby also loves bouncing to Jay-Z's H to the Izzo, but thankfully she's so young, she will not absorb any of the content of the songs.

She can't understand any of the lyrics yet, so we're safe, he said.

According to Dave, who lives in Connecticut with his family, they have listened to that song countless times to soothe baby Rachel.

She's got that wail of a cry. To not have a crying baby, I'd play that song 1,000 times, he said.

Baby Rachel, now two-years-old with a newborn brother, is a big music fan now and listens to it all.

She'll run into the room and yell, 'Dance party!' Dave told the Daily Mail.