Move over Beats, a new, low priced, high quality pair of earphones is now on the market.

The newly released NE-600 M/X series by NuForce was recently reviewed by Wired, who is singing the praises of this bass powerhouse earphone set that sells for just $25.

“If you’re looking to replace the freebies that came with your phone, or just shopping for a cheap, backup set of earbuds you can wear everywhere without worry, these cannot be beat,” Wired wrote.

While many high quality earphones and headsets cost an upwards of $100, NuForce continues to drop the price of its product while maintaining its audio value.

Last year, the small California based company released its NE-700 M/X for $70 that was similarly praised being priced under $100, and has been compared to the new 600 series by way of sound quality.

While the 700’s are made mostly of metal, the 600’s are made mostly of plastic, which not only affected the earphones price but also its weight. Being significantly lighter than its predecessor is a plus, but Wired notes that one downfall of the 600 series is that the plastic doesn’t do much for durability.

International Digital Times noted that the simplicity of the 600’s chassis. They don no logo or gaudy design. Its most striking feature is being able to choose different colors in its cables. The 600 series comes only with three sizes of rubber earbud tips, and no other special features, but does double as a hands free headset with an n-line remote/mic for an extra $5.

While suggesting that some may find it overwhelming, Wired lauds over the 600’s bass quality.

“The myriad little things you usually miss when you slip in a pair of cheap earphones? They’re all here. The overall sonic quality is admirable for a headset that costs only $25,” Wired wrote.

Find the NE-600 M/X series earphones at, Amazon or Sonic Electronix.