“Nurse Jackie” finally met her fate on Sunday night. In the series finale, the Showtime drama showed Jackie (Edie Falco) face her final battle after seven seasons of balancing caring for others with her drug addiction. “Make me good,” she prays in church during the opening scene of the episode, titled “I Say A Little Prayer.” But did she manage to be good?

Things seem to be looking up for the nurse at the start of the show's final episode. O’Hara (Eve Best) returns for Fiona’s (Mackenzie Aladjem) confirmation. It is the last day that All Saints Hospital will be open, but Jackie tells O’Hara that she is completely fine. While the British doctor reunites with the nurses at All Saints, Jackie gets a call telling her that she booked a new job at Bellevue Hospital. She is thrilled and tells Zoey (Merritt Wever) she’d been asked for recommendations. The usually upbeat nurse isn’t jumping at the chance to follow Jackie. She stammers out something about needing time and finishing her master’s program.

Eddie (Paul Schulze), meanwhile, is having a much worse day. In his deposition, he claims that he’d only taken out pharmaceutical drugs from the hospital with permission from the doctors. The paperwork matches up. He has signatures for all the samples. However, the DEA searched a pain management facility in Brooklyn and found the drugs that Eddie checked out. The batch numbers match, and there is also surveillance video that shows Eddie at the facility.

Eddie’s attorney Barry (Mark Feuerstein) doesn’t expect any of that. He tries to convince Eddie to give up more information to make a deal for himself. “Whoever you’re protecting, ask yourself this: is it worth going to jail for her?” Barry asks.

Back at the hospital, O’Hara gets the scoop on recent drama from Zoey. “Between Jackie’s relapse, arrest, jail, diversion, I seriously had to pee test her every single day,” Zoey says. “And sometimes I think: what would O’Hara do?” All of this was news to O’Hara. She confronts Jackie and asks if she is high.

“You know me at my best,” Jackie reasons. “This is me at my best.”

“And when you’re at your best, you’re using. What part of that combination is healthy? Maybe it’s as simple as this: you can’t be a nurse,” O’Hara says.

Jackie doesn’t want to have that conversation. She claims she is moving on at Bellevue while O’Hara tells her she is just moving in circles.

Her day doesn’t get much better once a man with a gun comes into the ER. He’d been hit in the head with a brick and mugged, so he wants to find his attacker. He starts asking to see the assailant and points a gun at Jackie.

Bernie (Tony Shaloub) has been taken off the floor because of his cancer, but he is wandering the halls of All Saints to watch the hospital on its last day. He approaches the gunman, who reveals that his name is Jake. Bernie asks Jake to point the gun at his head, and once Jake aimed his gun at Bernie, the doctor claims he is captain of Major Crimes at the NYPD. He gives Jake 10 seconds to leave without getting arrested. It seems like Jake might shoot Bernie, but he leaves by the time Bernie counts to three.

Jackie finds his assailant, Vinny (James McMenamin), in the bathroom and cleans him up. He’s an addict. She tells him that he’ll be transferred to Bellvue with her. Vinny claims she can’t be an addict because she is a saint. Jackie doesn’t agree. As the Jackie washes his feet, Vinny says he feels naked. Jackie says that could be a good thing.

Later, Eddie comes to see Jackie. He says that he confessed to everything because any further investigation would have lead back to her. He’ll have to serve a year in a “Martha Stewart prison.” He doesn’t seem upset. He says they’ll have the rest of their lives together.

Jackie goes off to see Vinny off and tries to give him his clothes, but Vinny wants to shed his old life. After he goes into an ambulance, the ER doors are locked for the first time in years. It’s officially the end for All Saints Hospital.

Zoey finally tells Jackie the truth. “I need to move on, and I need you to let me,” Zoey says. She reveals that she used to want to be Jackie, but now she just worries about her. She needs to make her own mistakes without Jackie. When the older nurse claims Zoey is like her daughter, Zoey asks for her understanding. Jackie says she’s proud. Zoey also reveals that she is joining Doctors Without Borders.

Jackie watches as the whole staff parties in the ER. She goes to the bathroom with Vinny’s bag of personal belongings. She finds heroin and snorts three lines in a row before going back to the party. She walks out of the ER and into Times Square. The nurse sees a yoga class taking place and suddenly joins in.

As she lays down on a yoga mat, the episode cuts back to the hospital, where Jackie is on the floor. She never left the ER. Zoey, Eddie and the rest of the crew surround her as they try to help her and get her to Bellevue.

Jackie opens her eyes for just a second to see Zoey telling her, “You’re good, Jackie. You’re good. You’re good.” Then she shuts her eyes again, but she seems to be moving her head. It's unclear if Jackie will make it through or die.

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