NVIDIA recently introduced a new graphics card, claiming it is the fastest as well as the quietest one in the world.

The GeForce GTX 590 is the ultimate gaming graphics card, according to NVIDIA. It combines 1024 NVIDIA CUDA architecture cores, 3 GB of graphics double data rate 5 (GDDR5) memory, six billion transistors and over 2,200 individual components in a 11-inch dual slot card.

In addition, the GTX 590 delivers a staggering 32 tessellation engines that can power today's cutting edge DX11 games at resolutions of 2560 x 1600 and higher. It uses NVIDIA's SLI, a scalable multi-GPU platform, which allows users to add a second GTX 590, making it even faster.

The graphics has four separate video outputs on each card, which allows consumers to configure their PC with four independent displays. It also allows them to span their gaming across three 3D displays, at a resolution up to 5760 x 1080.

On top of its speed and visual performance, NVIDIA says it engineered the card to be extremely quiet. The cooling system and dual vapor chambers are able to maintain the acoustics. NVIDIA says it runs about as quiet as a library.

The GTX 590 is the best dual GPU product ever built, Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce GPU business at NVIDIA, said in a statement. With leading performance, support for multi-monitor 3D gaming, Quad SLI, and an acoustic envelope that begs to be heard for how quiet it is, the GTX 590 epitomizes what a perfect dual graphics card looks, performs, and sounds like.

NVIDIA estimates the price of the new card at $699 USD. It says it is available with its add-in card partners such as Asus, EVGA, Gainward, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, POV, Palit, and Zotac.

With the product introduction, NVIDIA's stock rose nearly eight percent from $17.75 at the end of trading Wednesday to $19.23 at the close today (Thursday).