WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens accepted John Cena’s United States Championship's open challenge to fight against him in the Elimination Chamber, which will be aired on May 31. Owens, whose real name is Kevin Steen, made his debut on RAW on WWE national television on Monday.

Cena had announced the open challenge on Monday night’s RAW where Owens had made a surprise appearance. Initially, Owens declined the challenge, saying he would fight Cena on his own terms. Owens then attacked Cena, who lay on the floor, and stepped on the latter’s United States title and taunted him with his "You Can't See Me" gesture, SB Nation reported. However, later during RAW, it was announced that Owens would fight Cena at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Owens reportedly made the appearance to promote his NXT Title defense against Sami Zayn at the NXT Takeover Show on WWE network on Wednesday. While Zayn, who had separated his shoulder several weeks ago in a fight with Cena on RAW, looks healthy enough to compete, Owens is expected to retain his title in Wednesday’s match, the Inquisitr reported.

According to WhatCulture.com, an online magazine based in the U.K., Triple H congratulated Owens for taking up the challenge during his surprise appearance on RAW.

The "NXT Takeover: Unstoppable" match between Owens and Zayn will be aired at 8:00 p.m. EDT on WWE Network.