The NFL Draft is finally here, if you haven't received enough reminders from Mel Kiper Jr., and Todd McShay of ESPN.

All media hype aside, the New York Giants have plenty of holes to fill, and should they draft well, this weekend might prove be the reason the Giants find themselves in the playoffs next season.

The most glaring hole is outside linebacker. But with the No. 19 pick, the Giants would probably be better off skipping on a linebacker, because the best ones available might also be available in the second round.

Instead, the Giants would be best served landing an offensive lineman in the first round. There are plenty of good ones to help protect Eli Manning and open up holes for Ahmad Bradshaw.

Here are some candidates:

Nate Solder, Colorado. At over 6'8 he's the tallest one of this group. His stock has fluctuated on many mock draft boards. The Giants would probably take him if he is available

Mike Pouncey, Florida. Scouts like his versatility, and his brother has been a success with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He can play guard or center.

Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin. The most sure thing of the group. Scouts like his football IQ, and his long-time starter status with the Badgers.

Anthony Castonzo, Boston College. Probably won't be available at No. 19, but if he slips the Giants should grab him at this pick. He is a true offensive tackle. Some say he has Pro-Bowl potential, so he has a lot of upside.