The 2011 New York Halloween Parade in the village took place on Monday night, as costumed creepies marched, dragged and prowled up 6th Avenue.

This year's theme was The I of the Beholder, and at the front of the parade, leading in pace and in tone, were people carrying giant illuminated eyeballs on sticks. They were followed by a gaggle of dancing skeletons.

The annual parade started in 1974 as a theatrical march, but has grown into a huge event that garners thousands of spectators.

With the cross streets along sixth ave blocked by police, the mass of viewers crowded onto the sidewalks to watch zombies dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller, and to see the creative costumes.

In some places, police had to intervene when people trying to get a closer view began pushing and shoving, but overall, the parade was incident free.