The FDA recently issued a series of graphic ads to deter smokers.

If the physical ramifications of smoking aren't enough to deter customers from lighting up, maybe a clearer picture of the financial ramifications will.

You're paying a pretty penny to smoke in New York City. But how much, exactly, are you paying, and to whom?

Cigarettes typically cost between $12 and 15 in New York City.

If you're paying $12 dollars, over half of that is going to taxes, according to The New York City Government Web site.

There's a $6.46 sales tax on cigarettes purchased for sale or use in New York City.

Of that $6.46, $4.35 goes to the state. $1.50 goes to the city. There is another $.61 in Prepaid Sales Taxes.

If you are smoking a pack-a-day, you're spending $84 per week--  $336 dollars of your monthly salary-on cigarettes.