Oakland police said that they have tentatively identified a 21-year-old woman, Monica Rodas, a Union City resident, whose body was found burning in the city’s Rockridge Street early on Thursday morning.

Early Thursday morning, a burning body of a woman was found by the neighbors in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland at the intersection of Ivanhoe and Chabot Streets at about 4:40 a.m, according to the police. Police said that multiple neighbors called in to report the issue.

The woman was found dead at the scene. Fatal traumatic injuries were found on the body excluding those caused by the fire, according to the police.

On Friday, the woman was identified through finger prints. Police said she was a mother of a young son, who was staying with relatives in Union City. The woman also has a family in Oakland.

Preliminary investigation has disclosed the possibility that the victim was killed elsewhere before being dumped on the street, investigators said.

Local residents reported hearing a vehicle driving away from the spot that day. The neighborhood has very easy access to Highway 24.

The body could have been brought here. It could have been dumped here. We don't know why this area, said Oakland Police Lt. Brian Medeiros.

Our preliminary investigation indicates that this was not a crime targeting residents in the area, and that this criminal act originated elsewhere but ended on Ivanhoe Road, said acting police Lt. Serge Babka.

According to 62-year-old Nance O'Banion, who resides in the area, It's pretty easy access on and off the freeway. It's kind of scary to think they might have known about the street, being sort of off the beaten path here.

The discovery of the burning body has triggered Worries and nervousness and has also increased concerns about the neighborhood’s security.

It's a very quiet street and this street has their own private protection. The neighbors pay for private security people to go up and down the street, said resident Christine Garofoli.

I'm just shocked. This is a quiet neighborhood and you don't find bodies on streets, said resident Mark Aaronson.

The case is being investigated.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Police Department's homicide unit at (510) 238-3821