A Fourth of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska, included a float depicting President Obama's presidential library as an outhouse, which ignited an outcry from some residents and the state's Democratic Party. The float has also created a stir on social media.

A figure and the outhouse that said “Obama Presidential Library”  were on flatbed trailer being pulled by a blue pickup truck. The figure, which some say they think was as representation of President Obama, essentially looked like a zombie. The figure, which appeared greenish in color, held its hands on its head.

Liz Guthrie, who is originally from Norforlk, reportedly posted a picture to Facebook and got more than 1,000 shares on the social media site, Omaha.com reported. Guthrie told ABC News the crowd laughed and clapped when they saw the float. Her boyfriend thought it was political satire.

The Nebraska Democratic Party criticized the float.

"There is a level of respect for the office of the presidency, which should not be crossed," Dan Marvin, NDP executive director, said according to KLKN-TV, Lincoln. "It's beyond disappointing the city of Norfolk, Neb., its officials and citizens would allow such a thing."

The float, however, wasn’t meant to be offensive, parade committee member Rick Konopasek told the Lincoln Journal Star. He said it was supposed to be political satire.

"We don't feel it's right to tell someone what they can and can't express," he told the Journal-Star. "This was political satire. If we start saying no to certain floats, we might as well not have a parade at all."

The float was listed as entry 29, with no sponsor cited.

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