Ahead of a televised health care reform discussion among Washington's top politicians on Thursday, the White House today proposed creating a new Health Rate Authority to help investigate unreasonable rate increases.

President Obama's proposed reform would provide Federal assistance to States to help conduct reviews of rates and other unfair practices of insurance plan, according to a document released this morning.

In his weekly address to the nation on Saturday, Obama began by blasting recent jaw-dropping news of premium rate increases in California at Anthem Blue Cross. The for-profit insurer had anticipated average rate increases of 25 percent for its customers, with some as high as 39 percent. It later delayed increases, pending a review.

Thursday's meeting will come after more than a year of debate on health care reform. Congressional Democrats were recently dealt a

President Barack Obama used his weekly address to the nation on radio and on the White House website to reiterate his commitment to some suggestions from Republicans such as letting people buy insurance from companies outside the state and to allowing small businesses to pool together to buy insurance at better rates.

Obama has made health care reform one of his top priorities, along with helping the U.S. rebound from a recession which pushed unemployment to more than 10 percent.

Instead of political theater, Obama said Saturday he wanted members of both parties to find common ground.