President-elect Barack Obama, set off on a train ride to Washington for the Tuesday inauguration.

On his speech delivered in Philadelphia on Saturday before embarking on a whistle stop train journey to Washington, he called on fellow Americans to carry on the spirit of the American Revolution and deal with today's challenges with courage and confidence.

According to the pre-announced schedule, the inaugural train, The Georgia 300, will first stop in Wilmington, Delaware, where Obama will be joined by Vice President-elect Joe Biden. Another stop before Washington is Baltimore, Maryland.

Obama will take a traditional abondend inaugural train trip to Washington, which was taken by last president-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower on Jan. 18, 1953, for 56 years ago.

Abraham Lincoln, also took a train from Illinois to Washington for his 1861 inauguration, that makes an important and well-known reason for Obama to pick up the long-lost tradition.

A huge crowd is expected to greet the train, and the presidents elect Brack Obama.

A possible million of people are expected to attend a free inauguration concert at the Lincoln memorial.