Americans across the nation on Monday remembered the sacrifices of soldiers who died for their country.

President Barack Obama visited the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery and laid a wreath there.  The tomb, which marks the grave of an unidentified US soldiers from WWI, seeks to honor all decease US soldiers who do not have their remains identified.

To those of you who mourn the loss of a loved one today, my heart breaks, goes out to you. I love my daughters more than anything in the world, and I cannot imagine losing them. I can't imagine losing a sister or brother or parent at war, said Obama to families of deceased soldiers.

The first Memorial Day, celebrated in 1864, honored fallen soldiers from the Civil War.  Since then, it has come to honor all soldiers who died in subsequent wars.

Over 600,000 American soldiers were believed to have been killed in the Civil War, over 100,000 for WWI, over 400,000 for WWII, over 50,000 for the Korean War, and over 50,000 for the Vietnam War.

According to Military news organization Military Times, 6,013 soldiers have fallen from US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In May 2011, 20 soldiers fell from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Below is the information of the 6 most recently fallen US soldiers from that region, from Military Times.