If you've ever had your wedding delayed because of some unruly golfers who wanted to finish up their game and ended up being really happy about it, you're probably in the minority. But a couple who got married in California over the weekend was ecstatic to have their ceremony delayed a bit when President Barack Obama showed up, club in hand. By all accounts, he wasn't so much unruly as he was a gracious and friendly wedding crasher.

The couple found out that the president was golfing at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, California, but didn't expect to see him as they went about their day, according to the Los Angeles Times. Just before the wedding, however, they found out that Obama was about to finish up his 18th hole and that their altar was right next to the green. They were happy to push their schedule back a bit.


Once the president finished, he was shaking hands with some passers-by, including the wedding photographers Erin and Jeff Youngren, when the couple came running down from the lodge to meet him. The president shook their hands and took a few photos with the soon-to-be-married bride and groom, Stephanie and Brian Tobe, and even offered some advice to the groom, a fellow Chicagoan.


"President Obama was kind and wonderful. When he shook Brian and Stephanie’s hands, he apologized for delaying the ceremony and then shared some advice with Brian," Erin Lofgren wrote on her website, describing the experience.

Aferward, Youngren described the mood at the wedding as fun, laid back and celebratory. The time delay, she said, made the sunset photos even better.