After 10 days of protests, the crowds of Occupy Central demonstrators occupying Hong Kong's commercial districts have noticably thinned, as a consequence of both fatigue and the necessity for protesters to work or attend school. 

The main protest site, outside the Hong Kong government headquarters in Admiralty, is the most populated of the city's three main demonstration areas. The images below show the contrast between the early protests and the current occupation of that site.

The protest site at Mong Kok, the site of violent attacks on demonstrators Friday by other civilians opposing them, has also seen numbers dwindle. While protesters are still in evidence and the busy Nathan Road remains blocked, the number of sit-in protesters (and onlookers) is noticeably smaller than in previous days.

Hong Kong Protests Contrasting photos show the crowds at the Mong Kok protest site in Hong Kong on Oct 3 (left) and Oct 8 (right). Photo: Getty / Mark Hanrahan

The Causeway Bay commercial district is the site with the most noticable drop-off in attendance in the past three days. While thousands of protesters were there in the early days of the movement, approximately 200 were there Wednesday evening, leaving large parts of the tented areas vacant.

Hong Kong protests Contrasting photos show the number of protesters in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay district, taken Oct 1 (right) and Oct 8 (left). Photo: Mark Hanrahan / Getty Images