Florida's Occupy Miami movement is just getting started.

Protestors have already begun to camp out at Government Center, a major transportation hub for the city's Metrorail and bus systems and home to many of Miami-Dade County's departments.

Phil Santa Maria, 26, a high school government and economics teacher, attended the protests on Saturday and Sunday. He stayed in the Torch of Friendship area the first day, located in Miami's Bayfront Park on Biscayne Boulevard.

He does not think Government Center is the best place for exposure, but thinks it will be good for the county officials working there to see the protestors.

Santa Maria, who describes himself as philosophically libertarian, noted there was a mix of different crowds at the Miami protests, and described the overall mood on Saturday as angry. He said the Saturday protests were almost an anti-bank rally due to the large amount of people there who were angry with banks.

Local media reports noted that the movement was quieter on Sunday, most likely due to bad weather.

We have to be conscious that we are a peaceful movement, protestor JoHanna Thompson told a crowd on Sunday, The Miami Herald reported. We have to respect everyone around us and show them love.

Protestors camping out at Government Center said they were planning to stay the entire week, NBC News reported.

But will they last that long? Or even longer?

Santa Maria believes the Miami protests will last a while, as so many of the protestors are unemployed. As long as they receive food and support, some of them really have nowhere else they need to be.

The only thing that could weaken Occupy Miami protests, Santa Maria said, is a lack of media coverage.

Keeping it big is the best thing, he said.