Just when you thought there was one place the Occupy movement had not occupied, MTV announced on Monday that it will air an Occupy Wall Street special following three young people in New York City protesting for economic and social equality.

True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street is scheduled to air on Saturday, Nov. 5th at 6pm ET/PT, following three protesters and their struggles while demonstrating against alleged corporate green over a two week period.

After it put out a casting call for a reality show based on the movement in Manhattan, which has since spread to countless cities nationwide and abroad, MTV chose three individuals for an episode of its 27th season: Bryan, a leader of the Occupy Wall Street sanitation team and Kait and Caitlin, two college students.

Bryan, 23, joined the movement for his disgust of the relationship between big business and government. True Life will follow him in his struggles to battle the city over sanitation issues stemmed from the protests, as police get into a showdown with protesters over the cleanliness of Zuccotti Park.

MTV also conducted a survey of 386 Millennials from ages 18 to 29 over a four-day period in October. The survey found:

  • 93% believe that the current economic situation is affecting them personally
  • 63% are more concerned about the economy than they were six months ago
  • 72% Do NOT trust the government will take care of their well being
  • 76% believe their generation is at a serious disadvantage for entering the workforce in the current economy

True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street plans to capture the day-to-day realities of the protesters and uncover some of the motivations that continue to drive them.

The Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York City's Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17. In less than a month, the We are the 99% movement spread to countless cities in the U.S., amassing to nearly 1,000 locations worldwide. The movement is led by a General Assembly, with a model in the process of reform, protesters say.

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