Update: A Radiohead spokesman told The New York Times that Radiohead would definitely not be performing at Occupy Wall Street this afternoon. It's definitely not going to happen, Laura Eldeiry told The New York Times. It's a false rumor.

Original Post:

Radiohead will be playing a surprise, live show at Occupy Wall Street protest headquarters at 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, Occupy Wall Street reported on its Web site.

OccupyWallStreet.org reported that the band will play a surprise show in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

Gawker confirmed with an Occupy Wall Street spokesperson that the police are aware of the concert, but no permit has been obtained. IBTimes has left a message with another spokesperson but have yet to get a response.

Radiohead is in New York City for a series of concerts, including Thursday night's concert at Roseland Ballroom where celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson were seen dancing to the music.

Zuccotti Park is located a few blocks away from Wall St. in Lower Manhattan and has been occupied by protesters for the last two weeks. The protesters have camped out in the park area to fight back against a multitude of injustices, including the wide discrepancy in the amount of wealth owned by the top 1 percent versus the bottom 99 percent.

The protests have garnered international attention and seem to be growing in size every single day. Recently some New York City unions and MoveOn.org officially supported the cause and will send people and resources to the movement next week.

Already Occupy Wall Street has spawned similar protests in San Francisco and Boston with more expected to come.

The concert is set to occur at the same time of the New York Stock Exchange's closing bell when many financial traders leave for the day. Typically the Occupy Wall Street group marches through Wall Street during that time, but it appears a march might be put on hold for the surprise Radiohead concert.