Is it time for snow already? In some areas of New York state, the answer is yes. Parts of Oswego County, in addition to towns near Syracuse, got up to 9 inches of snow through Sunday night, the Associated Press reported. The autumn snowfall reportedly caused more than 50 car accidents on icy roads.

"Everyone is talking about it in the house," Martville resident Tiffany Williams told Time Warner Cable News. "I told them they can't say the s-word and that they were hallucinating."

A low-pressure cold front combined with the lake effect, which picks up warmer water and drops it as snow, made Oswego and Onondaga counties chilly Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning's temperatures were in the 30s but climbing quickly -- it was due to reach the 50s by mid-afternoon. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were set to see a return to normal -- if rainy -- weather, the Syracuse Post Standard reported.




Some residents were still recovering from the snowfall. Scott Parkhurst, who lives in Parish, told WABC tree limbs fell on the power lines outside of his house when the leaves got weighed down by ice. His family lost power and decided to grill bacon and eggs for breakfast Sunday.

The weird weather was wreaking havoc on the roads. Twelve miles of Interstate 81 were briefly shut down near Syracuse Sunday after an 11-car crash, and one man remained in critical condition Monday. Visitor Beth Radka told TWC News the driving conditions almost made her reconsider her plans. "We're on a trip to come up to Sandy Creek to see my mom and dad," Radka said. "And I was ready to turn around and go back home when we hit the snow squalls. It's like no! It's not supposed to snow already!"

Sunday's snow aside, the Climate Prediction Center recently forecast a warmer-than-usual winter in upstate New York due to the West Coast weather effect El Niño, the Post Standard reported. See more photos of the weekend weather below: