The infamous octomom's doctor who transferred 12 embryos resulting in the conception of eight babies -despite the health risks involved -will lose his medical license next month.

The decision was announced Wednesday by the Medical Board of California to revoke the medical license of Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor Michael Kamrava.

The decision states gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, and incompetence when he transferred what is alleged to be an excessive number of embryos in multiple attempts to achieve pregnancy through in vitro fertilization.

It also states the doctor's failure to recognize that Nadya Suleman's overall behavior was outside the norm and to refer Nadya to a mental health professional.

According to the board, The board is not assured that oversight through probation is enough, and determined that the revocation of respondent's certificate is necessary to protect the public.

Henry Fenton, Kamrava's lawyer, had argued last month in court in support of probation: Nobody died here. This is a good doctor. I argue he really learned his lesson.

He adds We have an excellent physician who is very concerned, who admits his mistake.

The revocation takes effect July 1.