The U.S doctor who helped Octomom Nadya Suleman deliver eight babies in 2008, will have his medical license revoked next month, a TMZ report stated.

The Medical Board of California, which had been investigating into the matter made the announcement on Wednesday stating that Dr. Michael Kamrava did not exercise sound judgment when he implanted the large number of embryos inside Nadya Suleman back in 2008.

The doctor had implanted 12 embryos inside Suleman, before she conceived the octuplets.

The attorney general's office accused Dr. Kamrava of being grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman.

The board is not assured that oversight through probation is enough, and having weighed the above, has determined that revocation of respondent's certificate is necessary to protect the public. claimed the Medical Board, in a statement released.

The revocation takes effect July 1st, the report stated.