Odd Future is in some trouble as a fan is claiming the rap group attacked him during a San Antonio concert earlier this month.

Chassan Rasagi has pressed charges with the San Antonio Police Department and told TMZ he’s mulling a lawsuit again the group.

The 17-year-old fan says he jumped onstage during an Odd Future concert at the White Rabbit Dec. 8, and rapper Hodgy Beats tried to push him back into the crowd. At that point he was thrown back onstage by audience members and, upon landing, suffered a beatdown from multiple members of the hip-hop collective, he said.

A rough video captured from a fan’s cell phone has surfaced but offers few clear details. Roughly two minutes into the footage the music stops, there is some commotion onstage, then between two and four performers are near the front of the stage seemingly stomping on someone below. Dozens of other fans are also shown scrambling to pull out their own phone cameras.

Ragasi later said he suffered scrapes on his head and upper body, burns, and two seizures caused by the violence. TMZ noted witness claims that Ragasi threw the first punch.

Another video (both are reproduced below) offers a closer shot of the fight but answers few questions. Last year Odd Future member Vyron “Left Brain” Turner was charged with assault for hitting a female photographer, according to HipHopWired. Turner struck the photographer in the head during a performance at New Orleans’ Voodoo Festival and then attacked her character on social media.