Update: T.J. Lane Charged With 3 Counts of Aggravated Murder for Chardon School Shootings: Report

T.J. Lane, the student suspected of the Chardon High School shooting in Ohio this week, must have snapped, neighbor Steve Sawczak told Cleveland.com.

Sawczak said he is stunned by the accusations against Lane, 17, as he has known him for years, and said that Lane has showed no signs that would suggest that he was anything other than your ordinary teenager.

Lane is being accused of opening fire in the school's cafeteria on Monday morning, shooting five students, three of who are now dead. The dead teens are Russell King Jr., 17, Daniel Parmertor, 16, and Demetrius Hewlin, 16. Nickolas Walzcak, 17 is currently recovering at hospital and Joy Rickers, 18, was released from the hospital on Tuesday, according to reports.

ABC News reported that one of Lane's friends saw the shooting and posted on Facebook, I wanted so bad to help you but I could see in your eyes you didn't care anymore. I'm sorry buddy.

Lane could face three counts of aggravated murder and prosecutors will need to file the charges by Thursday.

Something had to have happened, he had to have snapped, Sawczak told Cleveland.com on Wednesday. This is just not something any one of us could have seen.

Sawczak, the 58-year-old next-door neighbor of Lane's grandparents, told CBS News that he would have never allowed his grandchildren to play nearby had he thought something was wrong with Lane.

We're all absolutely stunned, Sawczak told The Associated Press. He's an average kind of kid.

Lane lived with his grandparents, Jack and Carole Nolan on Wilson Mills Road in Munson Township. Jack Nolan, 81, is his legal guardian according to Cleveland.com. Lane's grandparents were said to be actively involved in his life and often took him and his sister to school events, according to CBS.

Sawczak said of Lane's grandparents are in shock and were absolutely devastated.

Students have told the media that Lane was quiet boy and that he had the ability to listen to the troubles of others.

Lane went before juvenile court on Tuesday, and a prosecutor has said that he is someone who's not well.

It is reported that Lane randomly chose his victims and the prosecutor seem to have ruled out speculations and rumors of bullying and drugs as motives for the shootings.

This is not about bullying. This is not about drugs, prosecutor David Joyce said, as reported by CBS. This is someone who's not well, and I'm sure in our court case we'll prove that to all of your desires and we'll make sure justice is done here in this county.