Anthony Sowell, who was convicted of rape and murder in July, was sentenced to death at a Cleveland court on Friday.

Sowell was found guilty of murdering 11 women, whose bodies he stashed in his Ohio home. The murders were said to have taken place between 2007 and 2009. Judge Dick Ambrose honored the jury's recommendation that Sowell, a former Marine, be executed. The judge ordered a lethal injection on Oct. 29, 2012.

The 11 bodies were discovered by police in 2009, when they went to Sowell's hope to ask him questions about a rape allegation.

"Love conquers hate," Jim Allen, the father of victim Leshanda Long, said in court Friday. "It is a hollow victory. There is no winner and no loser today."

"You are going to hell for your actions. You are an animal and hell awaits you," Donnita Carmichael, mother of victim Barbara Carmichael, told Sowell during the proceedings.

Ohio re-established the death penalty in 1999. Since then, state courts have given 152 people the sentence.

Sowell's 11 victims are Diane Turner, Telacia Fortson, Janice Webb, Nancy Cobbs, Tishana Culver, Amelda Hunter, Michelle Mason, Crystal Dozier and Kim Smith as well as Long and Carmichael.

Donnita Carmichael told reporters outside the courthouse that Sowell showed no remorse when the victims' family members spoke. He also ignored the judge when given an opportunity to speak, according to reports.

Several of the victims' families also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the state of Ohio, claiming that police stopped looking for the girls because many had problems with drugs and lived in bad neighborhoods.