After working on the “Manuganu” games, developer Alper Sarikaya has announced a new 2D platformer called “Sword of Xolan.” Unlike the “Manuganu” games, which were more along the lines of infinite runners with some platformer gameplay, “Sword of Xolan” recalls old titles like the original “Ninja Gaiden” as a serious 2D platformer filled with plenty of combat.

The story is pretty basic. It features a man named Xolan who must stop the darkness and various enemies so that peace can finally be restored in his homeland. It’s nothing new, but the game looks like it will focus more on combat and gameplay than the actual story, so the fact that it's basic shouldn’t be a problem.

Interestingly, the game uses pixelized graphics, but not in a way that makes the game feel old, as can be seen in the trailer. Pocket Gamer has praised the look of the game, as the effort of the designer can clearly be seen throughout.

It’s not all looks, however, as combat and platforming seem to be the main focus of “Sword of Xolan.” Our lead protagonist, Xolan, must contend with various enemies and challenges with a sword in one hand and the ability to generate fireballs in the other.

Fans hoping for a challenging experience will probably get one with “Sword of Xolan,” as the game features 30 different levels and nine time-based trials. In addition to those features, Gamezobo has reported that the game will have 30 types of enemies and three different bosses, so it seems like Xolan better keep his guard up as the game progresses.

As for the game’s controls, iOS users will be happy to know that they will have multiple options. There will be customizable touch controls and the game will support MFI controllers.

“Sword of Xolan” will be available on iOS devices on May 21. The game will be a premium title with no in-app purchases. More details, as well as screenshots and artwork, can be found on the official website.

Sword Of Xolan - Game Play Trailer iOS May 21 (Credit: YouTube/Alper Sarikaya)

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