On Wednesday night, Olivia Culpo, who was crowned Miss USA in June, will compete with 88 other contestants in the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant. 

Culpo, 20, has been busy traveling the country since she was named Miss USA in June and working out extensively to prepare for the Miss Universe competition.

"For Miss USA, I felt more pressure to be lean," Culpo told the Boston Herald. "Here, they’re bigger and taller. The look of Miss Universe is more voluptuous.”

Culpo said she does a lot of "cardio, jump rope, etc." She also said she eats "a lot," but healthy foods like "proteins, whole wheat and oatmeal."

"Nothing fried, no chocolate, no peanut butter," she said, admitted she is dying for Christmas tree-shaped Reeses after the competition.

The Rhode Island native put her studies at Boston University on hold to carry out her responsibilities as Miss USA, which included extensive work with the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation. At Boston University, Culpo was a sophomore honors student and a cellist, according to her bio page.

Culpo, whose parents are musicians, has been playing the cello since elementary school. Culpo admitted that when she was young, she was short and chubby, and spent summers at band camp for the cello.

The brunette beauty also admitted that she didn't even enter a beauty pageant until she was 19-years-old, just one year before being crowned Miss USA.

“It’s more than just physical appearance. It’s about confidence and work ethic and being open to others. People think it’s narcissistic, that it’s just about appearance," she said.

Fans can vote for Culpo, or other contestants in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, at the Miss Universe website until 6 p.m. EST.

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