The most popular thing in London right now -- besides the 2012 Olympic Games, of course -- is British Olympic diver Tom Daley, who just turned 18. Girls, mostly, have taken to Twitter to show their appreciation for the diver's skill set, as well as his physical assets.

Tom Daley, who is @TomDaley1994 on Twitter, describes himself on his profile there this way: "I'm not a swimmer! I'm a diver!!! Haha."

In Daley's most recent tweet, he expressed how happy he was about the opening ceremony on Friday. "Can't wait for the opening ceremony tonight!!!!" he wrote.

Sadly for Daley, his father recently died, but now he wants to win an Olympics medal in his father's honor. "After everything that has happened," Daley said, according to the Sun newspaper, "these Olympics mean even more. It's been a very tough year, but the only thing I can focus on is my performance. My dad is always there in the back of my head, and it would be extra special if I could do well at these games."

Even though China's star diver Qiu Bo is "virtually unbeatable," the Sun said, Daley isn't afraid of his competition.

"Qiu Bo has been unbeaten for the last couple of years individually," Daley acknowledged. "But I've learned all the dives he's got, so we've both got exactly the same degree of difficulty. It becomes about who performs it best on the day."

Daley continued, "Normally in diving, silver is gold because the Chinese dominate everything -- but then you never know what can happen."

However, not everyone is smitten with Daley.

British Diving's national performance director Alexei Evangulov has called him the Anna Kournikova of diving, the Sun reported. Daley might look good, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to produce winning results.

Evangulov said, "Tom possesses great personality. but if you have only personality, it is not enough to be a great athlete. You have to work hard, and he actually works very hard, but I am a greedy coach and I always need more. I am tough and demanding."

It doesn't matter to the ladies of social media: Daley even has a Tumblr page dedicated to his manhood, aptly named "Tom Daley's Bulge." If you're interested in seeing pictures of Daley in his Speedos, take a look.

Shortly after the opening ceremony on Friday, Daley's name began to trend on Twitter, with most people posting some vulgar comments such as, "@HunkyHarry "When Tom Daley dives in the pool on monday the female population will get wetter than he does."

@HarryStylesFans wrote, "holy tom daley i cant breathe."

@AstonsArmy said, "I wonder if Tom Daley knows 90% of the UK female population want to bang him."

‏@HugMeLouisT asked, "Why did no-one give Tom Daley a role in Magic Mike?"

Meanwhile, @BenFarrant expressed his appreciation for the swimmer: "Tom Daley aced his GCSE's & A Levels, became world champion & represented his country, all while his dad was dying of cancer. #RespectHim!"