Oncers are conflicted about the pregnancy bombshell dropped in episode 14 of ABC's “Once Upon a Time." On Sunday's Season 5 episode it was revealed that fan-favorite couple Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) are expecting a baby, but the announcement wasn’t a completely happy affair.

Newcomer Hades (Greg Germann) revealed in "Devil's Due" that Belle is pregnant. Hades made the announcement after commenting that he saw Rumple, who is currently visiting Hell to rescue Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), looking into a crystal ball to see his child — but was only shown Belle. Hades said that due to a contract Rumple signed for a healer in the Enchanted Forest before he was The Dark One, he has the ability to take Rumple’s second born. Rumple made the deal in an effort to save the life of his son Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) who he shared with his first wife Milah (Rachel Shelley).  

While some Oncers are over the moon that the longtime on-again, off-again married couple are having a baby, others are up in arms that the happy moment was shadowed by a dark twist — one that might put the Rumbelle baby's life at stake.

Other Oncers are simply thrilled that Belle and Rumple are expecting. It’s worth noting that de Ravin just welcomed a baby girl with boyfriend Eric Bilitch on March 12, so the pregnancy plotline is fitting. Check out a few of the best Twitter reactions below:

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