Sunday night was the “Once Upon a Time” episode that fans of the ABC series have been waiting for – “Captain Swan’s date night.” After seasons of playful flirting and fighting feelings, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) finally went on a date in episode 4, “The Apprentice.”

The Season 4 episode continued to tell the tale of Anna’s (Elizabeth Lail) journey to find answers for Elsa (Georgina Haig) in the Enchanted Forest of the past. But viewers couldn’t focus on anything other that Emma and Hook’s blossoming relationship.

After permission from Henry (Jared Gilmore), Emma decided to ask Hook out on a date. The pirate obviously accepted, however he had one condition – he wanted to plan the night out.

“I don’t pillage and plunder on a first date,” Emma warned him. And Hook had a perfect response. “That’s cause you haven’t been out with me yet,” he replied.

Emma returned to Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David’s (Josh Dallas) apartment to prepare for the date. The Savior ditched her signature jeans and brown coat for a high ponytail and light pink dress. Hook left his pirate outfit behind as well – and the hook.

Desperate to be able to hold Emma with both his hands, Hook went to Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyl) to get his hand reattached. Needless to say, Mr. Gold wasn’t exactly willing to help, but Hook had some ammunition to convince him – the dagger. While Hook is not in possession of the dagger that controls Rumpelstiltskin, he also knew that Belle (Emillie de Ravin) does not hold the real weapon either.

Not willing to ruin his marriage with Belle, Mr. Gold agreed to reattach Hook’s hand. However Mr. Gold warned Hook that the hand used to be a part of him when he was a much different man.

Hook was shocked when he saw Emma’s transformation, and Emma was equally has surprised to see her date with two hands. But that left one question – what do you “Captain Hook” when he no longer has a hook for a hand? “Killian will do,” he told Emma.

After a light talking to from David, Hook and Emma went out to eat – and not at Granny’s. The pair sat down for a romantic Italian dinner, however Emma wanted to keep her head on straight. It wasn’t that she was scared of her feelings for Killian if she had a drink, but she wanted to make sure she was capable of handling the Snow Queen  (Elizabeth Mitchell) if she decided to crash the date. The Snow Queen didn’t end up crashing their date – but Will Scarlet (Michael Socha) did.

The Knave tried to sneak out of the restaurant without Emma spotting him, however he accidentally knocked into a waiter who spilt a whole tray of wine onto Emma’s dress. Hook immediately freaked out and his brand new hand grabbed the waiter and threatened him. Emma told Hook that she was fine and the pirate let go of the waiter – however he realized that Mr. Gold may have been right about the hand being a part of the old Hook.

“Sorry love, I don’t know what got into me,” Hook apologized.

The rest of their date went off without a hitch and Hook walked Emma back up to her parent’s apartment. While he didn’t go inside, Emma hinted that she wanted him to by telling him that she needs to get her own place. But the pair have time – because Hook asked her out on another date and Emma sealed the deal with a kiss.

Hook left the apartment with a smile on his face but it didn’t last too long. He ran into Will Scarlet breaking into the library and his new hand went to town on the Knave’s face. Hook managed to stop and realized that the “bloody crocodile was right.” He went straight to Mr. Gold to get the hand removed because he couldn’t control it. But Mr. Gold would only remove it for a price … and he wasn’t willing to tell him what it was right away.

Hook refused to Mr. Gold’s terms at first, but after the hand lead him to drive his old hook into Mr. Gold’s chest he decided that he must do whatever it takes to get the cursed thing off him. Mr. Gold met him at the docks the next morning and a mop started walking to their next location – the home of The Apprentice, the man who guarded the Sorcerer’s hat. With Hook’s help, Mr. Gold trapped The Apprentice in the hat and gained the man’s powers. He later followed through on removing Hook’s hand and replaced it with the actual hook. But he warned Hook that their deal wasn’t complete – he had surveillance footage that he promised to show Emma if the pirate didn’t follow through. To top it off, Mr. Gold dropped the bomb that the hand wasn’t cursed.

“Only thing it did was give you permission to be the man you really are,” Mr. Gold told Hook.