“Once Upon a Time” fans were treated to their second teaser poster Tuesday afternoon. The new image is part of a special campaign the ABC series is using to promote a “magical” surprise later this week.

“A magical tale will reveal itself Friday,” the official “Once Upon a Time” Twitter account posted. “Tease 2 of 4 … #Once Upon a Time.”

The new promo poster features a drawing of Rumpelstiltskin’s (Robert Carlyle) dagger and a red rose with thorns wrapped around it. Just like the image of a hook from Monday, the drawing looks like it’s on an old and stained piece of parchment.

“Once Upon a Time” viewers can easily hypothesize that the drawing is about Rumpel and Belle (Emilie de Ravin). The couple has had a rough history, but was able to beat the odds and get married. Unfortunately their relationship took a turn for the worst in the Season 4 winter finale when Belle discovered that all Rumpel cared about was dark magic. Despite his best efforts to convince her otherwise, Belle took control of the dagger he was bound to and forced him to leave Storybrooke … forever.

While the promo poster could be hinting at upcoming drama in the second half of Season 4, the Marvel comic’s logo on the bottom seems to tease an exciting new chapter in the “Once Upon a Time” graphic novel universe. The first comic book released by Marvel in 2013 was called “Shadow of the Queen” and told the story of Regina (Lana Parrilla) and the Huntsman (Jamie Dornan). Just like on the TV series, Regina took control of the Huntsman’s heart and turned him into her slave.

A sequel to “Shadow of the Queen,” reportedly titled “Out of the Past,” is geared up for an Apr. 14 release. Kalinda Vazquez teamed up with Corinna Bechko to create the stories and comic scripts. Vazquez previously teased on Twitter that the new graphic novel would feature four different stories that “take place at different points in the show’s timeline.” The “Once Upon a Time” Wikia page reports that those four stories involve Hook, Rumbelle (Rumpel and Belle), Regina and the Hatter. If the “OUAT” wikia page is correct then fans can look forward to drawings of Regina and the Hatter in the next few days.