Shortly after releasing a phone-crashing update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system, Microsoft has finally clarified just how many phones were affected by the snafu.

Previous reports had pegged Samsung's Omnia 7 and Focus as the devices primarily affected by the botched update, which Microsoft released Monday. Microsoft blogger Michael Stroh confirmed those reports on the Windows Blog.

Expanding on Microsoft's previous admission that the update had affected a small number of phones, Stroh pinned part of the blame for failed updates not on the update itself but on external user factors.

Ninety percent of people who've received an update notification have installed the new software patch successfully, he said. Of the 10 percent who did experience a problem, nearly half failed for two basic reasons-a bad Internet connection or insufficient computer storage space. That leaves five percent of users who were affected by the update through no fault of their own.

Microsoft is currently working on an official fix to the update, which it plans to release within the next few days.

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