Whenever you hangout with your friends and wanna have a quick round of beer, the first thing you look for is an opener, and most of the time you don't find it (I too have faced the same situation).

However, the days of being deprived of an opener are over. Two Australians have come up with a very unique and innovative iPhone gadget which can open beer bottles.

Melbourne-based Chris Peters and Rob Ward's designed a case - Opena - for the iPhone 4 which can remove bottle caps very easily and without putting any pressure on your beloved iPhone.

Opena is a very strong case and has been tested on 47 different beers from all over the world. It has also been analyzed by and ex-Boeing Aerospace Engineer. Its design allows the load from the steel blade to be transferred to the sides of the case so no direct load gets transferred to the phone.

Below is the video showing how it works.