A night out for a Florida resident took a turn for the worst earlier this week when she returned home to find a sinkhole had devoured her entire backyard and swimming pool. According to report from the Orlando Sentinel, home owner Suzanne Blumenauer discovered the phenomenon outside of her Winter Park, Fla., home in Orange County Monday night.

Orange County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Billy Richardson said the hole is an estimated 40 to 50 feet wide and 30 to 40 feet deep, currently resting 20 feet from the home's backdoor. Geologists and building department workers are expected to arrive at the family’s home Tuesday to investigate the sinkhole, officials claiming the cause of the occurrence is currently unknown.

“I think that I must be dreaming,” Blumenauer told WESH-TV. “I didn’t know what to think, and then I realized there was a hole in the ground," she said.

See a photo of the Orange County sinkhole here.

“They came home from dinner, and half the backyard was gone,” Richardson told the Orlando Sentinel, who confirmed Blumenauer is currently residing with a friend while the matter is investigated, claiming the home owner had a pool party this past weekend and noticed nothing suspicious.

Neighbors are reportedly blaming the incident on a nearby construction project in Lake Killarney after claiming they frequently felt vibrations in their homes during the construction process.

WESH-TV reported that as of Tuesday morning the sinkhole has not grown in size but that one homeowner nearby the sinkhole was put on notice of a possible evacuation.

Winter Park isn’t a stranger to sinkholes. In 1981, one destroyed a family’s home, five Porsches and parts of the city’s public swimming pool.

In April, footage of a Florida resident being swallowed by a sinkhole surfaced. Thirty-seven-year-old Jeff Bush was reportedly sleeping in his family’s Tampa home when he was killed after his brother, Jeremy Bush, unsuccessfully attempted to save him.

“The floor was still giving in, and the dirt was still going down, but I didn’t care. I wanted to save my brother. I could hear him screaming for me, hollering for me,” Bush, 36, said. “I couldn’t do nothing [sic].”