If you ever craved an “Orange is the New Black” guest star appearance from Conan O’Brien, you’re in luck! The red-headed talk-show host slipped into a Litchfield-esque character on his Monday night episode of “Conan” after Laverne Cox showed up to his dressing room (as her “OITNB” character Sophia) to give the host a quick makeover.

“I don’t know who did that wig for you, but you need to get your money back,” Sophia said with her usual sass, attempting to fix Conan’s trademark hair. That was the first jab out of many Sophia took throughout the opening skit.

“Now, are you married to this whole style thing you have going here?” she asked the host of the hairstyle he’s had for three decades. “You need to understand that you are turning off a huge segment of the demographic that you could be reaching. People are afraid of clowns, OK? I’m scared just looking at you. Bozo 2.0, OK?”

But after all the quips, Sophia did manage to make out one compliment -- sort of. She revealed that she’s inspired by “Coco” for being the first transgender talk-show host. Only problem is, Conan’s not transgendered.

“But your voice is higher than mine,” Sophia replies confused. “You’re telling me you’re not transitioning?”

“No, this is my real voice. I’m a man,” Conan tries to persuade her.

“Mmm, whatever you say, Bruce Jenner,” Sophia strikes back.

Just when we thought all the jokes were said and done, Kate Mulgrew as Red makes a surprise appearance. Well, kind of!

The show's opening credits, which spoofed "Orange is the New Black," ran before a group interview. We’re not going to lie – it was pretty hilarious.

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