“Orange is the New Black” may have been renewed for another dramatic season on Netflix, but according to stars Danielle Brooks (Taystee) and Samira Wiley (Poussey), none of Season 3’s jailbird blues will affect their characters when Jenji Kohan’s dramedy returns June 2015.

In an interview with TV Guide, the two “OITNB” actresses said fans can expect their characters to have less salacious storylines come Season 3. As viewers know, Taystee and Poussey had their fair share of jaw-dropping drama when Lorrain Toussaint's character, Yvonne “Vee” Parker, barreled into Litchfield prison like a vengeance-seeking storm.

Vee, who took on the role of Taystee’s mother prior to her sentence, put a wedge between the two best friends throughout the plot of Season 2. Tensions rose so high that things escalated to the point of physical violence between the besties. Talk about a cell block tango!

“It's not fun being mean to Samira,” Brooks said when asked what she thought about the Season 2 storyline. “But if it was anybody, I'm glad it's her, because we have such a great trust. So in some of those scenes, like where Taystee pushes Poussey, I think she felt comfortable enough with that. So I'm glad it was her.”

In Season 3, Taystee and Poussey will learn to rebuild their trust, according to the actresses.

“I think that going through trials and tribulations in any sort of relationship only deepens the relationship and makes people closer and stronger,” Wiley said. “So I'm hoping for a season full of love between Poussey and Taystee in Season 3.”

Brooks bolstered her statement by crossing her fingers for a peaceful third season, too.

“Yeah, just them two being mischievous together. I'm hoping that there isn't much more conflict with them together,” she added.

What are your theories on Season 3 of “Orange Is the New Black”? Who do you think the conflict will focus on when the third installment airs in June 2015? Sound off in the comments section below.