The ladies of Litchfield prison are baaack! Well, sort of. The hit Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black,” will be returning to our small screens in just a few months. And to prepare fans for the extraordinary Season 2 premiere on June 6, “OITNB” has decided to release a trailer of all the drama that will be going down when the upcoming season debuts.

Think you’re ready for all the craziness? We doubt it! So, in hopes of getting viewers up to par with their Season 2 knowledge, we decided to break down the “Jungle Trailer” with everything you could expect to happen when all 13 episodes hit the streaming service this summer.

1. Piper will attempt to start off the season as a good girl. The last time we saw the show’s protagonist, she was beating the living daylights out of Pennsatucky. Does this mean she ended up in solitary confinement for the fight? And an ever bigger question: Is Pennsatucky alive? “I am prepared to behave like a model inmate,” Piper recited her over-rehearsed-line in the trailer. “And I feel I no longer oppose a threat.”

2. “This is not how I imagined prison to be at all,” a new comer said to Lorna as she entered the prison. Looks like Season 2 will weave the storylines of new characters into the plot.

3. Prison guard John Bennett and Daya will continue their not-so-secret love affair.

4. Yvonne “Vee” Parker gets introduced in Season 2. The character, played by Lorrain Toussaint, was an old “friend” of Red. When the chef sees the former inmate walking through the halls she’s shocked. “A woman I knew a long time ago came back in yesterday,” Red revealed.

5. Will Crazy Eye’s get a new girlfriend? Suzanne and Vee will hit it off immediately when the inmate slips into her orange jumpsuit. We even see Crazy Eyes pull another lunchroom stunt when she pours water into the lunch tray of someone who gives Vee a problem.

6. Piper won’t be able to keep up with her “nice girl” routine. “This place in bulls---,” she furiously says. In another scene we hear her say, “I am a lone wolf and a vicious one. Don’t make me rip your throat out.”

7. John will take his role as prison guard a little too seriously in Season 2. We’ll watch Daya’s boyfriend intimidate the inmates as he yells at them, “Are you scared? Because you f---ing should be!”

8. Season 2 flashbacks will occur. In a short clip we see a flashback to when Alex and Taylor met at the bar. Can we expected more flashbacks in the upcoming season to help unravel the stories of inmates?

Are you excited for Season 2? Chime in with what you think will happen in the upcoming season in the comments section below.