“Orange Is the New Black” spent most of its time in episode 4, “A Whole Other Hole,” talking about the female anatomy. And who better to teach the women about what their urethra is and their clitoral hood whereabouts than Sophia, the show’s transgender inmate? She quipped that she had a lot of experience in that department considering she had to reconstruct her very own vagina from scratch for her gender reassignment surgery.

Soon after the makeshift science class, Big Boo and Nicky use their newfound knowledge to see who can get the most girls off – officers included. The two ladies vie over who can get the talkative newbie, but it’s ultimately Nicholas who comes out on top – literally – after Piper’s plan to pawn Soso off on Big Boo for a blanket gets foiled.

“You’re a horrible person," Soso responded to Piper’s shady ways. Who knew Chapman could be so cold? No wonder she’s vying for a blanket!

But the most interesting storyline of episode 4 was Lorna Morello’s and how she got herself locked up in Litchfield. No, it wasn’t for being a scam artist, which she was; it was actually her psycho stalker behavior that landed her behind bars.

Remember Morello’s fiancé Christopher? It turns out he was never her husband-to-be. In fact, he was just a guy she went on one coffee date with after bumping into him at the post office. After their caffeine-themed date, Morello was hooked. But the feeling wasn’t mutual. Christopher tried to back away, but Morello was persistent that he was her Prince Charming. She even attempted to murder the girls Christopher actually wanted to pursue by attaching homemade bombs to their cars.

While driving Rosa to cancer treatments, Morello took advantage of her prison job by driving over to Christopher’s house. She recently found out he was getting married, which is what sparked the Christopher storyline. She broke into his home and even tried on his fiancée’s veil, which she ruined in a bubble bath.

Eventually Morello heard Christopher come home and snapped out of pretending to be a housewife. She fled the home from the upstairs window and hopped back into the van to race to the hospital. Luckily for her, she didn’t get caught.

Other plot lines for episode 4 included Vee offering to help Poussey sell her homemade hooch to other inmates, Red starting a gardening club with the older ladies and Larry beginning what looks like more than a friendly relationship with Polly.

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