“Orange is the New Black” Season 2 gave viewers an in-depth look at the ladies of Litchfield with a slew of shocking flashbacks. From Poussey’s heart-wrenching German love story to Black Cindy’s best-kept secret, fans were given the key to unlocking the mysteries of the inmates. Out of all the revelations, it was the back story of Lorna Morello (played by Yael Stone) that left us with our jaws dropped to the floor.

We always knew Morello was a bit whacky with her constant wedding planning and her unhealthy obsession over her fiancé Christopher – or should we say "Chris-ta-fuu"? But not until the sophomore season of “OITNB” aired did we realize just how off her rocker Morello really was. Episode 4 shed some light on the red-lipped prisoner’s psychopathic tendencies when it was revealed Morello was in jail for attempted murder. Apparently she tried blowing up one of Christopher’s girlfriends with a home-made bomb.

Originally, fans thought Morello was behind bars because of mail fraud. As it turns out, her scamming side gig was put on hold as her obsession with Christopher grew. The two bumped into each other at the post office and an immediate connection was made.

Little did Christopher know that the sparks he was seeing would eventually turn into a blazing fire. After one date Morello was hooked. She began stalking Christopher despite his indifference, followed him on dates to the shore, scared his girlfriends and even convinced her family the two of them were madly in love. It wasn’t until Morello started dabbling with explosives did authorities start getting involved.

We have to admit – we were completely blindsided by Morello’s past and, apparently, we weren’t alone. Stone revealed during an interview with TV Guide just how surprised she was to hear her character’s tumultuous past.

"I was totally wrong. I was completely and utterly totally wrong," Stone said of predicting Morello's history.

Jenji Kohan, creator of “OITNB,” decided to shock fans even more by having Christopher visit Morello in jail after the doe-eyed inmate broke into his house. Needless to say, he was not happy and threatened to strangle Morello to death if she ever came near him or his family again.

"It was really fun to have this dynamic scene. It's also very painful for her. And we've been with these characters for some time now and we feel very protective and loving towards them, so it's hard when they get hurt," Stone said. "And to have that scene and turn and see Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) observe the whole thing, it's a whole other level on top of that because it's exposure."

Although the exposure of Morello’s lurid past leaves her in a vulnerable position, Stone revealed that confronting the truth was necessary to her growth as a character.

"I think that the fact that Lorna does have to confront this truth and it has come out in the context of prison is not a mistake," Stone added. "I think she wasn't able to do that in her home family, her biological unit, and she's come to prison and she's got a real family maybe for the first time. And for all the restriction and all the difficulty and all the horror it must be to be confined, it does seem she has to confront some truths and be a little more honest with herself in the context of this prison family."

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