“Orange Is the New Black” actress Laverne Cox will appear on the new cover of “Entertainment Weekly" where she will discuss her career, Caitlyn Jenner’s “Vanity Fair” cover and the hardships she’s faced as a transgender star in Hollywood.

Cox, 31, the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, for her work on the Netflix series in 2014, says in the EW interview that she admires Caitlyn’s ability to go through her transition in the public eye.

“This is why I’m so grateful that I had the luxury of transitioning in private,” Cox said in the piece, according to Us Weekly. “Because when you transition in the public eye, the transition becomes the story. I’m always disturbed when I see conversations about trans people that focus on surgery. But I believe Caitlyn will transcend this moment.”

Cox was born in Mobile, Alabama, where she was bullied in school for not acting “the way someone assigned male at birth was supposed to act,” according to an interview with ABC News last August. She even attempted suicide at age 11.

“We still live in a binary world, in which the idea is imposed on us that there are only two genders; we need to change that perception,” Cox told the Independent in June 2014. She graced the cover of Time magazine the same month.

Though she’s happy for Jenner, Cox admits she is worried Caitlyn’s appearance is focus of her transformation story whereas it should really be her “heart and soul.” However, in a Tumblr post from last week she said she admires the way the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reality star “allowed the world in to her vulnerabilities."

“I love working a photo shoot and creating inspiring images for my fans, for the world and above all for myself,” Cox wrote. “But I also hope that it is my talent, my intelligence, my heart and spirit that most captivate, inspire, move and encourage folks to think more critically about the world around them.”

Fans can catch Cox on Season 3 of "Orange Is the New Black." The new season begins streaming on Netflix this Friday at 12:01 a.m. PST.