The Glastonbury Festival may be known for its songs and dances. But in 2011, it promise to feature orange t-shirts that power mobile phones.

Orange UK, a mobile network operator in the UK and the official communications partner of the festival, is rolling out the Orange 'Sound Charge.'

The device, as the name implies, will use the power of sound pressure waves to generate electricity to charge mobile phones. The scientific principle behind it is called the piezoelectric (pressure electric) effect.

Orange UK said after a weekend at Glastonbury, one will be in need of a good scrub, so the piezoelectric panel is removable and the orange shirt washable.

Beyond just grabbing some headlines with a tool technology, Orange UK wants its piezoelectric technology to be the future of mobile charging.

It could even influence trends in fashion, with designers looking to integrate this passive charging solution into clothing, said an Orange UK spokesperson.