An Oregon judge is being investigated by the state for possibly violating various state codes and for allegedly hanging a picture of Adolf Hitler in his courthouse, according to KOIN-TV in Portland. The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability announced Tuesday it will investigate Marion County Judge Vance Day for allegedly hanging the photo, as well as refusing to perform same-sex weddings and possibly taking money from attorneys to fund veteran-related wall hangings in the courthouse, the Oregonian of Portland reported.

“The wall art was not intended to honor fascism, but to honor the Americans that defeated the dreadful ideology,” Day said of the Hitler wall hanging, which he did not receive permission to put up.

A spokesman for the judge told CBS News that when same-sex marriage was made legal in Oregon in 2014, Day told his staff to refer any same-sex couples looking to get married to other judges, as performing the weddings would violate his religious beliefs. He eventually stopped performing weddings altogether.

Court documents allege more accusations, some relating to Day's actions as a judge, and some relating to his actions out of the courtroom. The judge is accused of forcing certain veterans to read books and watch videos that may have exacerbated post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. At one point, he said that because he was a judge he could do whatever he wanted.

Investigators also said Day lied to authorities about allowing a veteran who was convicted of a felony to carry a firearm against state law. Investigators said Day also had a personal friendship with the veteran, allowing the man to stand next to him at his daughter’s wedding.


According to the commission’s statement, some of Day’s actions outside of the courtroom also reflected badly on his character and temperament as a judge. The documents allege that at some of his son’s soccer games, Day threatened referees that he would report his son was injured to higher authorities and that he faked being physically assaulted by game officials.