While it didn’t set the world on fire, “Dead Island” managed to gain enough popularity to get a sequel “Dead Island 2,” which is coming next year. So to get fans excited for that, it seems like a “Dead Island: Definitive Edition” is coming. The “Dead Island” re-release will apparently be coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be published by Koch Media, a sister company of game studio Deep Silver.

Though there was no official announcement, a listing in South African retailer Loot has revealed the “Dead Island: Definitive Edition.” So far, no box art of the zombie game has been released for this apparent rerelease, nor are there any new details regarding the game, so unless Deep Silver or Koch Media makes an official announcement, it seems like fans of the game will be left in the dark for a while.

Details are slim, but given how popular re-releases have been in the past few years, fans can probably reportedly expect the game to have enhanced graphics, some bug fixing and all of the “Dead Island” downloadable content (DLC) that was previously released. Eurogamer also suggested the inclusion of the game’s follow-up, “Dead Island: Riptide,” as part of the package, though fans won’t know if it will be included until a press release or trailer has been released.

Game developer Techland developed the first game but was not involved in the sequel of the game, so it's doubtful that the company will release any information regarding the re-release. Techland has since released “Dying Light,” which has some similarities to “Dead Island” but is considered better, thanks to the game’s open world ripe for exploring and intriguing storyline.

So far, “Dead Island 2” has suffered from a few production problems, including the departure of game developer Yager, so a re-release of the first game seems timely, as it may keep fans of the title busy till the sequel gets released. “Dead Island 2” will come out sometime in 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, so fans can expect the “Definitive Edition” of the first game to arrive sometime before that.

Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)