Xiaomi has recently introduced a successor model for its Mi Band fitness tracker that was released last year. The all new Xiaomi Mi Band 1S comes with an optical heart rate sensor that is unavailable on the last year’s model. The wallet-friendly Mi Band 1S is up on preorders on Gear Best until Dec. 8.

According to WT Vox, the heart rate sensor is present under the scratch-resistant aluminum case. The IP67 rating protects the device from water damage. The strap of the wristband is resistant to Ultraviolet rays. It also possesses anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.  

The other sensor available on the Mi Band 1S is the accelerometer. It allows the device to measure various activities such as burnt calories, steps walked and distance.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S with heart rate sensor (1) Health tracking features of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Photo: Xiaomi

Like the predecessor model, it lacks a display screen. To view the health data calculated by the Mi Band 1S, users are required to pair it with an iOS or Android device through Bluetooth. Xiaomi provides its Mi Fit app that can be installed on the paired device to sync and view fitness data.

The health data can be easily shared to contacts through popular Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter and so on. Once the user gives permission to the handset to let the Mi Band 1S unlock it, the wearable device will automatically unlock the phone when the user picks up the device. The wristband can show alerts for missed calls and new text messages through vibration and notification lights.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S features a 45 mAh battery that can run for a month provided the user does not use the heart rate sensor consistently. On extensive usage of heart rate monitor, the battery can last for about 10 days.

Gear Best has now made the original Xiaomi Mi Band 1S available on preorders with a price tag of $24 for buyers across the world. It is selling only the black colored variant of the device. As of this writing, nearly 14,450 customers have preordered the new fitness band from Xiaomi.

The Chinese retailer is selling other editions of the Xioami Mi Band for $14.49 and Mi Band 2 (does not feature heart rate sensor) for $16. It is offering free shipping service to all the customers of Mi Band variants.