“The Vampire Diaries” spinoff series, “The Originals,” premiered (again) on Thursday, Oct. 3, enticing viewers with a brand-new storyline about power, betrayal and love … and the juicy drama doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon!

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Photos and a promo video for episode 2, “House of the Rising Son” (yes son, not sun) have leaked online and they will definitely have fans counting down until its Thursday, Oct. 10 air date.

Thanks to the promo video we learn that Rebekah WILL be following her brothers to New Orleans despite initially refusing. But what changed her mind? It doesn’t seem like she cares too much about her impending niece or nephew, so our theory is that it has something to do with Elijah.

“How many times will Elijah forgive you?” she angrily asks Klaus.

Those who watched the series premiere of “The Originals” will remember that “Always and Forever” concluded with Klaus daggering his brother. Fortunately the special dagger won’t kill an original vampire, but it will put them out for a nice slumber until the dagger is removed.

Besides reuniting with her brothers, Rebekah will also be reuniting with Marcel. The premiere explained that Klaus made Marcel into a vampire when they first moved to New Orleans, so the new king vampire is very familiar with the Mikaelson family. But the promo video and photos for “House of the Rising Son” make it appear as if Rebekah and Marcel were little more than acquaintances … maybe even former lovers.

It doesn’t appear as if Rebekah will be getting a warm welcome when she arrives in New Orleans as the video shows her fighting off some people at a bar with a pool stick. Mom-to-be Hayley still looks to be having a difficult time as well. Surrounded on the streets of the French Quarter, Hayley explains to someone that she didn’t think she wanted the baby until she had to fight for it.

And while Elijah promised to protect Hayley and the baby it’s still unknown if Klaus will step up to the plate. The hybrid vampire does appear to be working his charm though … on Cami, the local bartender/ psychology student.

Episode 2 of “The Originals” will air during its permanent timeslot on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. Let us know what you think of the promo video and photos for “House of the Rising Son.”