The Originals
Klaus did not take the news that he was going to be a father well in the premiere of "The Originals." The CW

Welcome “The Originals” to the CW! The “Vampire Diaries” spinoff series kicked off its freshman season on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. and immediately hooked viewers with the drama and sexy supernatural characters.

In the season premiere, episode 1 “Always And Forever,” viewers were introduced to the Mikaelson family – Klaus, a werewolf/ vampire hybrid, and his vampire siblings, Elijah and Rebekah.

So, how did the Mikaelson’s get to New Orleans? Via ship in the 1800s when fleeing Europe! The family, which then consisted of Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah (with Kol and Finn taking a dagger nap), set up ship in New Orleans where they helped to build up the French colony.

Driven out by their father years ago, Klaus returned to New Orleans because he learned that witches were conspiring against him … he just doesn’t know why. Elijah decides to follow him into town, and even though Klaus doesn’t want his help, Elijah plans to give it.

Searching for a witch named Jane Ann Devereaux that was supposedly looking for Klaus, Elijah is shocked to discover that she’s dead … and not at the hands of his brother. Instead, the witch was killed by Klaus former protégé, Marcel. Jane Ann was caught performing magic, something that Marcel prohibits in New Orleans.

Watching from the shadows, Elijah discovers that Marcel has complete control of the witches, going as far as to take Jane’s body from her sister, Sophie, so that Jane’s body can’t rest in peace.

When Sophie returns to her job to mourn her sister in the alleyway, Elijah confronts her, demanding to know what business her family has with Klaus. So Sophie drops a bombshell on Elijah – Hayley, a werewolf that Klaus had a one-night stand with, is pregnant with Klaus’ baby.

Although initially believed to be impossible, Hayley’s conception was able to occur because Klaus is a hybrid, not just a vampire. Sophie reveals that she’s linked to Hayley, and promises to kill her and the unborn hybrid baby unless Klaus helps run Marcel and his vampires out of town.

While Elijah sees the baby as a way for his brother to find happiness, Klaus wants none of it. Instead of stepping up to the plate when he learns that he’s going to be a father, Klaus tells the witches to kill Hayley and the baby for all he cares.

But that doesn’t mean that hope is gone for Hayley and the witches. Sophie explains to Elijah that Marcel drove the werewolves out of town … and if he did that then lord knows he won’t welcome a hybrid baby.

Elijah promises the witches that he’ll change Klaus’ mind, and Sophie gives him a deadline. Get Klaus on board by midnight or she’ll kill Hayley. But what will stop Klaus or Elijah from killing Sophie? Sophie explains that because she’s linked to Hayley, if one dies they both die.

Upon discovering that he’ll be a father, Klaus goes on an angry bender in an attempt to show Marcel who is boss. However Marcel’s not ready to hand over the throne. Laying down the law for his maker, Marcel explains that if you break the rules in his town … you die. Klaus decides to test his rule, and bites one of Marcel’s vampires. Explaining that his werewolf bite will kill the vampire, Klaus stalks off knowing that he cannot be killed.

In an attempt to buy some time for Hayley since Klaus is being stubborn, Elijah pays a visit to Marcel. Asking how he’s able to control the witches in New Orleans, Marcel refuses to divulge his secret. Elijah decides to reveal a secret of his own though, telling Marcel that Klaus’ hybrid blood will cure the bite … and he’ll get Klaus to hand the blood over if Marcel hands over Jane’s body to the witches.

The two come to an agreement, and as the clock strikes midnight Elijah returns to the witches with Jane’s body to strike a deal. He asks that in exchange for Jane’s body they give him a little more time to convince Klaus. If they don’t take the deal and harm Hayley and the baby Elijah warns them that he’ll help Klaus kill them all.

In a final attempt to convince Klaus to help the witches and be a father, Elijah tells his brother, “Always and forever. Family above all.” And while it appears that Klaus is willing to work with Elijah, he ends up daggering his brother at the end of the premiere, telling him, “Family makes you weak.”

And Elijah’s daggering wasn’t the only jaw dropper at the end of episode 1 of “The Originals.” Marcel’s secret witch weapon is revealed – a powerful woman named Davina who appears to have some sort of relationship with Marcel. Playing with fire in an attic, Davina is the one that tells Marcel when someone is using magic.

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