Do you have vampires and werewolves on your mind? Don’t worry, we do, too – especially after “The Originals” aired its drama-packed Season 1 finale Tuesday night on The CW. Seriously, could things have gotten any crazier? From throat-slitting action to Rebekah’s reprise, Julie Plec kept us on our toes with every jaw-dropping twist and turn.

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But just because the finale ended doesn’t mean the mind-blowing drama has to stop! Fortunately for fans, some Season 2 scoop was leaked for us, so we have something to sink our teeth into until the supernatural drama returns (The CW renewed the sophomore season on Feb. 13.)

E! Online teased that “The Originals” would be introducing a new character to make waves – or should we say potions – in the upcoming season. That’s right, a new “salt-of-the-Earth” witch will be making her debut in New Orleans and her name is Lenore.

Lenore will make her grand entrance in episode 3 and will apparently be “quite the new foe for Klaus.” We can feel his frustration already. Just when he got rid of Monique and Genevieve, a new witch comes crawling out of the cauldron.

Could Lenore have some sort of relationship with Esther, the Original Witch and mother of Elijah, Finn, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik? We think so. Especially since Esther’s goal is to destroy the children she now sees as monsters. And with a large chunk of the coven dead, she’ll need a new witch to take help her finish that task.

All in all, it’s safe to say that little Hope’s life is most likely still in jeopardy with a new witch on the loose despite the memorial they held for her fake death.

Who do you think Lenore is? Chime in with your theories in the comments section below and tell us what you think Plec has up her sleeve for the second season of “The Originals.”