‘Tis the season for drama! “The Originals” aired its last episode of the year tonight, and boy did it end 2014 with a bang. The Season 2 midseason finale began with a flashback to 1914 during Christmastime. Kol (Nathanial Buzolic) was spotted snooping through a home amid the sounds of Christmas carolers, searching for a prized possession in a dead woman's home: a paragon diamond. However, once he got his hand on the jewel, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) quickly whisked it away.

This diamond, Kol (Daniel Sharman) revealed during present day to Davina (Danielle Campbell), would be the final piece of the puzzle to complete their dagger spell. Davina suggested that they should steal it back from Marcel -- a plan Kol couldn’t agree quicker to.

But that wasn’t the only spell being conjured during episode 9, “The Map of Monuments.” Kol and Davina were both working hand-in-hand to save Cami’s (Leah Pipes) body from being used a vessel. Esther (Sonja Sohn) had handpicked Cami to be the shell for Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) soul.

As the witchy duo worked their magic, Cami decided to take matters into her own hands by confronting Finn (Yusuf Gatewood), the momma’s boy who she thought could help change his mother’s mind. However, when Finn was released from the torturous situation that Klaus left him in, Finn revealed that he had no intentions to reverse the spell.

He even went as far as to refer to himself as some sort of hero -- trying to end the vampire race and those who support the blood-sucking creatures for the sake of humanity. Unpleased with his answer, Cami demanded Finn be sent back to his coffin.

The Season 2 winter finale of “The Originals” was full of reunions. Esther and Mikael (Sebastion Roche) reunited for the first time in decades to discuss their monstrous children. The two agreed that in exchange for Mikael’s alliance, he would be granted the opportunity to take Klaus out -- something he’s craved for centuries.

As the parents of the original vampires discussed death, Hayley and Klaus reunited with their daughter Hope for the first time since the Season 1 finale. The two embraced their baby in one of the most heartwarming scenes we’ve seen in “The Originals.” But their warm embrace was quickly cooled when Klaus revealed an interesting detail about their family history.

Klaus dished the truth behind Freya’s death to his siblings, explaining that her demise was due to a pact that Esther made with their Aunt Dahlia. The first born of every Mikaelson generation would be given to the elder sister of Esther in return for her fertility, which is why Esther needed Hope dead.

“Is there any chance of us running into your loony Aunt Dahlia anytime soon?” Hayley asked the question that we too were dying to know the answer to.

Episode 9 then cut to a moment of Kol rehashing his past with Davina, specifically a special moment between him and Rebekah in 1914. He explained that she had his back for the first time when he was rummaging through Klaus’ thing. However, he flubbed the story a bit. As it turned out, Rebekah actually betrayed him, resulting in Kol getting stabbed by Klaus during the Mikaelson Christmas party -- and Kol was determined to seek retribution for her devious act.

See, Rebekah was always considered Klaus’ girl. She stuck by his side through thick and thin and was proving her loyalty to him once again when she agreed to accept Esther’s deal in order to save her family.

“I know what to do to stop Esther. I will take her deal and when I do, I’m taking her down with me,” she said. Rebekah was willing to risk her life for the safety of her family but Klaus revealed he would never allow her to be killed in the process.

Kol even found it in his heart to help his siblings. The only catch was he wanted the diamond back for his assistant as well as the white oak stake. How else was he to enter Esther’s home without looking suspicious? He needed access to her witchy lair to get his hands on an hourglass, a vital part in saving Cami’s life during Esther's soul-swapping spell.

The vampires concocted a plan that would save both Cami's and Rebekah’s lives and put Esther in a less than comfortable situation. However, just before the last grain fell, Esther revealed a twist to her plan. She was going to stake the bodies of her vampire children when they entered a new vessel. This caught Rebekah off guard and she begged for her life back. Even Klaus appeared, giving up his vampirism for Rebekah’s. But Esther explained that the swap was impossible. The plan was irreversible and besides, she had already granted Mikael permission to kill Klaus.

In a state of fury, Klaus stabbed Esther in the neck. And when she woke, she was covered in blood at Klaus’ feet -- feeling twitchy and confused.

“I’ve done what every good son does,” Klaus started. “I followed the example of my parents.” According to Klaus, he and Rebekah were one step ahead of their menacing mother. While she wasn’t looking, Rebekah slipped her blood into Esther’s wine. That meant when Klaus killed his mother, she died with vampire blood in her system. That’s right, Esther was in transition to becoming the creature she despises. “You can either be the thing you hate the most or you can be dead,” he said. “Your choice. Which is more than you ever gave us.”

Esther wasn’t the only one stuck between a rock and a hard place. After Cami woke as herself, it was revealed that Rebekah had jumped into the body of a witch that Klaus had locked away in 1914. Remember Kol’s friend that Klaus cast away in the home of the elder woman? That’s Rebekah’s current residence -- and you can bet she’s not too happy about it. But Kol is. He practically snickered while revealing to Davina that was his plan all along. But don’t worry! Rebekah’s not in harm's way, or at least that’s what Kol said. 

And what would a Christmas episode be without a little kissing under the mistletoe? Rebekah and Elijah had a steamy moment when Hope’s mom revealed to Elijah her current relationship status. She explained that the only way to release her pack from the witches was by marrying Jackson (Nathaniel Parsons) in a “mystical ceremony during an alpha bonding ritual.”

“You have to know this isn’t about him. I don’t love Jackson,” she pleaded.

That’s when Elijah put his own feelings aside for the safety of Hope. “Marry him,” he said, understanding that saying "yes" to Jackson was the only way New Orleans could be safe for Hope’s return. “Do what you need to bring your daughter home. This is my wish for you.”

And nothing turns a momma wolf on more than a protective lover! The two engaged in a pretty hot Christmas sex scene.

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