It must be the season of the witch. “The Originals” returned with more mystical madness when Season 2 of the hit CW series aired episode 12, “Sanctuary,” on Monday, Feb. 2. Tonight’s installment began on an especially exciting note with the continuation of Freya’s storyline.

When we last saw Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sells) she had summoned a spirit to help her escape the insane asylum that Kol (Daniel Sharman) had trapped her in. But little did she know it was her very own sister Freya who had answered her cry for help. Freya was taken centuries ago due to Esther’s fertility deal with her sister Dahlia. In exchange to have children, Dahlia would require the first born of every generation (i.e. Freya and Hope) as collateral.

However, it looked like Freya wasn’t killed by her evil aunt. As Rebekah slept, she had visions of her long-lost sister being taken from their mother all while a ghost, who we theorized was Freya, watched her from the hallway.

While Rebekah endured her nightmare of a situation, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) battled his own demons -- in wolf form. Klaus was on the hunt for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to put an end to her marriage to Jackson (Nathan Parsons). Klaus discovered that in order for Hayley’s wedding to Jackson to be legitimate, she would have to partake in a marriage ritual that required her to divulge her deepest and darkest secrets to her husband to be. Yes, that meant revealing Hope was actually alive.

“Some secrets are meant to stay buried,” Klaus said in the previous episode.

But Hayley was rather skeptical about showing Jackson the skeletons in her closet. She claimed that whatever he was going to tell her during their truth session wouldn’t come close to the secrets she was hiding.

That’s when Jackson intrigued her with a teaser to his own secret. “It has to do with how your parents died,” he stated. Jackson then took Hayley to a werewolf graveyard filled with pack members who acted treacherous. One of the deceased wolves was his grandfather. According to Jackson, his vampire-hating grandpa killed Hayley’s parents after they tried to make amends with the vampires in their community.

“That was my secret. Whatever yours is, if you don’t want to tell me – don’t. It doesn’t change a thing, least of all how I feel about you,” Jackson stated. That’s when Klaus appeared from the woods. Prior to showing up out of thin air, Klaus visited Jackson’s grandmother to track down the duo. But she was no help. Instead, he was forced to follow his nose -- and as it turned out, he’s got a good one.

“Quite the romantic sentiment,” Klaus chimed in, before asking for a moment alone with Hayley.

As Hope’s parents hashed it out, Finn (Yusuf Gatewood) spent episode 12 torturing Klaus’ secrets out of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). But Finn quickly realized that Marcel truly didn’t have any valuable information for him to use.

While Finn tortured Marcel and his vampires, Rebekah was getting tormented by the staff of the mental institution for witches. Rebekah had given the new witch of the asylum an apple to munch on but her rebellious behavior got the newbie in trouble with the staff. After having her head slammed into the table a few times, Rebekah decided to step in. She punched the torturer in the face, which resulted in her hand getting broken.

The new girl asked why Rebekah stood up for her. “Maybe I just like the idea of us girls sticking together,” she sweetly said.

Back in the bayou, Klaus revealed that he feared for Hayley to tell Jackson about their daughter being alive, suggesting that the outcome of her strategy wasn't worth the risk.

“Dammit, Klaus. This is our chance. We can bring her home,” she argued. But Klaus wasn’t hearing any of it. Instead her forbade Hayley to marry Jackson.

“It’s a good thing I don’t take orders from anyone -- especially not from you,” she said. Hayley elaborated on her frustration with Klaus claiming that it was he who was the threat, not the wolves.

“You’re so paranoid that you can’t see that this wedding can help her. She can home. The wolves are on our side,” Hayley cried. Klaus then brought up that he killed his own father to protect Hope, which is when Hayley challenged Klaus that maybe he’s just scared to let people in.

“You have to trust me,” she begged only to have her neck snapped by Klaus.

“I just don’t trust Jackson,” Klaus replied.

Klaus then sought out Jackson to put an end to Hayley’s plan by killing her soon-to-be-husband. However, his plan was foiled when Jackson asked Klaus to help save the wolves after he was dead and gone. Klaus paused, which is when Hayley arrived in the nick of time.

“Go on tell him. Have your wedding. Save your wolves,” he gave them his blessing before threatening to stick Jackson’s decapitated head on a spike in his grandmother’s garden if he betrayed Hayley.

Back at the asylum, the new girl paid Rebekah a visit in her sleep and questioned her about her brothers.

“Why do you fight with your own family when you should stand beside them?” she wondered.

“It’s complicated,” Rebekah revealed before beginning her journey to sneak out of the institution. When Rebekah walked into the mystical room to gather help from the strong, mysterious energy she found the woman who broke her hand dead. That’s when the Harvest girl Cassie walked in, revealing that she was never Rebekah’s friend.

But the new witch wasn’t going to let Rebekah get hurt. She took Cassie’s face and basically melted it in her hands. “I despise traitors,” she said, fixing Rebekah’s hand. “You didn’t disappoint me. There’s a spark in you Rebekah. You’re willful and also kind. You’re not half as bad as our brothers.”

Rebekah couldn’t believe she was meeting Freya. But this was actually their second meeting! Freya once made an appearance at one of their parties many moons ago. Freya revealed to Rebekah that she would be paying her brothers a visit very soon.

Episode 12 concluded with Finn figuring out that Klaus was hiding a secret about his daughter. Why else would he have washed memories from Marcel’s head?

“She’s still alive. And now you and your vampires are going to help me find her,” he stated.

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