The brotherly quarrels between the Mikaelson boys continued in episode 11 of “The Originals.” In fact, it might even be safe to say that the tiff between the original siblings intensified when the Season 2 installment “Brotherhood of The Damned,” aired Monday, Jan. 26.

Following the death of Esther (Sonja Sohn), it was clear that Finn (Yusuf Gatewood) was more determined than ever to carry out his mother’s plan on exterminating the vampire race. But how exactly did he attempt to reach his brutal goal? All it took was the abrupt release of hungry vampires in the middle of a parade.

Finn wanted to prove just how monstrous the vampires were by starving them, trapping them in a dome, then watching them satisfy their savage hunger on the innocent townsfolk of New Orleans. If the vamps were to chow down on the residents (like Finn hoped they would) then the creatures would be cast out of the city, which they spent years making their home.

When Finn finally dropped the barrier, Marcel (Charles Michael David) helped the hungry creatures make their way through the city, despite struggling from malnourishment and a life-draining werewolf bite himself. He used his leadership skills and determination that he learned from his time in the war to help the baby vamps conquer their hunger like the modern-day version of "Brotherhood of the Damned."

But that wasn’t the only havoc Finn was wreaking in NOLA. The momma’s boy was caught using dark arts to gather his three brothers together. During the dream-like entrapment, Finn used the upper hand to try and find out Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) weakness in order to take down the vampires. It wasn’t Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) disappearance nor was it Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) torture that effected Klaus, so what was keeping him so hungry and fierce?

As Finn inched closer and closer to solving the mystery of baby Hope’s survival, Elijah spotted a flaw in his brother's spell, which is when he decided to reveal his inner most secret that would free him and Klaus from the witch’s hold. Elijah revealed that Finn has misrepresented him. Instead of being the noble steed Finn saw him as, Elijah proved just how dark he could be when he revealed he was the one responsible for killing Tatia (Nina Dobrev). Klaus then put a kibosh on Finn's trap when he revealed that unlike Finn's image of him, he was capable of forgiveness when he showed compassion toward Elijah for killing his true love.

“Your magic is as flawed as your perception of your own siblings. I wonder just how untouchable you are?” Klaus questioned before the two woke from Finn’s spell.

Because Elijah and Klaus were unwilling to give up any details regarding their deep, dark secret, Finn looked to Marcel to get the scoop on what his brother’s were hiding from him. As it turned out, Finn wasn’t the only supernatural creature Klaus was worried about learning the truth of his daughter.

At the end of episode 11 Klaus discovered that as a part of Hayley’s pre-marital ritual ceremony, she would be forced to smoke a plant with Jackson (Nathan Parsons) that would allow him access all the skeletons in her closet. Initially Hayley was reluctant to participate in the spell that could potentially compromise her daughter’s life. But after reassurance from her soon-to-be-husband, Hayley decided that revealing Hope’s current location might be worth saving the lives of her entire pack.

“Some secrets need to stay buried,” Klaus said before he began his hunt for Hayley to prevent her from revealing Hope's whereabouts.

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