Did someone say baby drama? According to TVLine, fans of the hit CW series “The Originals” will get their fair share of tot trouble when Season 2 of the supernatural drama premieres on Monday, Oct. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT.

No, we’re not talking about little Hope (although we can only assume trouble is headed its way for Klaus and Hayley’s little tyke) – we’re actually referring to the show’s newest character, Ingrid.

Ingrid is described as a “barren young woman” who will allegedly stop at nothing to be with-child – she’ll even lie to her husband, TVLine explained, adding the shocking lengths Ingrid may go during Season 2 to start a family.

Apparently viewers should be weary that the show’s newest character may go knocking on the door of a certain enchantress (cough – Esther – cough) to help her with the dilemma. Do you smell a fertility spell à la “American Horror Story” coming our way or is it just us?

We've theorized that Esther might play a role in Ingrid’s storyline considering it would be a perfect way to seek revenge against her children.

Joseph Morgan teased that his TV mother has returned from the spirit world pretty upset with her supernatural kids.

“They’re not very happy with us,” Morgan told TVLine of the revival of his parents. “We’re responsible for killing both of them, so I imagine they’ll be seeking revenge.”

Could Esther be using Ingrid as a pawn against Klaus? Let’s face it – there’s no way the witches from “The Originals” would lend out a helping hand without expecting something in return. And we think that something may have to do with the destruction of Klaus and his family.

Will Ingrid be indebted to the witch and be forced to act as Esther’s own personal pawn (much like Mikael) or will Esther somehow convince Ingrid that Hope is destined to be her child? Talk about infant issues!

What are your theories regarding Ingrid in Season 2 of "The Originals"? Sound off in the comments section.